Valkyrie Development


The Challenge

  • Lunar Habitat Challenge:

    As a lone participant, you are tasked with single-handedly designing, building, and presenting a lunar surface habitat capable of supporting a minimum of two crew members. This competition emphasizes your ability to efficiently manage resources, safely construct a functional lunar base, and justify why your design is optimal for long-term deployment.

      Lunar Habitat Design Constraints

    • Capacity: Must accommodate at least four (4) Kerbals.
    • Energy Independence: Include a self-sufficient energy system, such as solar panels or alternative renewable sources.
    • Communication System: Ensure a reliable communication system for regular contact with Earth, or a lunar gateway.
    • Minimum Weight: The lunar habitat must weigh atleast ten (10) tons.

    • Budget Constraints

    • Must adhere to the maximum budget limit of two (2) million.
    • You are expected to monitor and present a detailed account of your expenses during the project.

    • Bonus Points Criteria

    • Resource Utilization: Earn extra points for incorporating resource utilization, exploring the potential use of local lunar resources in the habitat's construction or functionality.
    • Creativity: Unique solutions, novel approaches, Innovation, and creative elements that contribute to the overall ingenuity and uniqueness of the project
    • Kerbal Well-being: Features ensuring the physical, and mental, safety; and overall well-being of the Kerbal inhabitants.

    • Simulation of Demonstrated Capabilities

    • Showcase your ability to simulate proven capabilities. For example, if you have successfully launched twenty (20) tons into space with a specific launch vehicle, as long as the same launch vehicle is used, you can simulate teleporting any payload under that weight that is relatively similar in volume or smaller into space (This is subject to judges ruling).

  • Important Notes:

    • Blueprints: You are not allowed to use any vehicles besides your own designs.
    • Recording: You are required to record the entire process of the challenge, if it's not recorded its invalidated.
    • Simulation: You must request from the judge to simulate proven capabilities.

    • CKAN Mod pack link.

      CKAN Executable Download, it requires .NET.


Winning Criteria: