About Me

Valkyrie Development, also known as Valkyrie-dev, is a testament to my lifelong passion for technology and a stepping stone in my professional journey. Born and raised in Texas, my affinity for computers was evident from a young age. This early interest spurred my decision to pursue a formal education in the field, leading to the completion of my Associate Degree in Information Technology. Following my academic achievements, Valkyrie-dev was launched as a tangible platform to showcase my expanding portfolio. The site is a multifaceted showcase of my skills and capabilities, demonstrating not only the depth of my knowledge but also my ability to apply it in real-world scenarios. Additionally, it serves as a collaborative space for side projects that I undertake for friends, further demonstrating my practical skills and commitment to continual learning. With Valkyrie-dev, I hope to create a lasting impact in the world of technology and continue to fuel my passion for innovation.